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TGIF and You Can DIY: Cushion Cover with a Pocket

Convert an old pair of jeans into a fancy throw pillow that will always let you keep an eye on the TV and AC remotes.

What you need: An old pair of men’s jeans or denim skirt, foam OR a simple patterned cushion cover, the pocket from a men’s pair of jeans, fusible webbing or fabric glue

What to do: There are two ways of doing this. Either cut the seat of the old jeans/skirt and get the neighborhood tailor to toss in some foam and sew it up into a cushion shape. Or else, cut the whole pocket out of the pants. Glue the pocket on to the cushion cover and stitch to make it steadfast. Put the cover back on, and settle in for a marathon TV viewing session.

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Prashant Sojwal and Mehak Tandon  loved this.
Tara Singhcool concept!