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TGIF and You Can DIY: Decoupage Stool

Got an old wooden stool that’s cluttering up your kitchen? Why don’t you turn it into a showpiece stool for your living area?

What you need: An old wooden stool, pretty paper napkins, scissors, decoupage medium (use Mod Podge or simply mix one part Fevicol with three parts water), scissors, paintbrush, craft knife, sandpaper, clear varnish

What to do: Ensure that the old wooden stool is spotlessly clean. Sandpaper if you need. If you choose to give it a lick of paint, ensure that it’s a neutral tone and is dry before you begin the decoupage. Open up each napkin and unpeel the layers. It may surprise you that most napkins are three-ply – three layers, of which only the first has a pattern. We use only the patterned paper. Cut out patterns that you like. Brush a thin layer of decoupage medium on to the surface of the stool, covering an area slightly larger than your first paper shape. Place the cut paper on top of the adhesive, tapping it very gently into place. Dip your brush into the medium again and spread a layer over the whole of the shape, working from the centre out. The paper will retain some wrinkles, but brushing over the top helps to smooth it out and make sure it’s fully adhered to the surface. Add more paper shapes in the same way. Allow the shapes to overhang when you reach the edges and turn them down. Cover the entire stool – legs and all – in this manner. Keep in mind that the paper napkin pieces are very fragile while wet, and really prone to tearing, so you need to be gentle. Once you’ve covered the whole piece, set it aside to dry for a day. Use a craft knife to carefully trim away excess paper from the edges and tidy up rough surfaces by gently rubbing with a fine-grit sandpaper. Brush on another coat of medium for extra protection. When it dries, brush on some clear varnish (matt or gloss). You have a stool that’s one in a million!

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