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TGIF and You Can DIY: Plant Hangers

Room feeling a little stale lately?

Add a breath of fresh air by bringing in a plant. The advantages of putting in a plant at home are many. Research has shown that a plant can improve indoor air quality, make you happier, keep you healthier, enhance cognitive function and boost creativity. Isn’t it time you moved a couple of pots from the verandah indoors?

What if you want a couple of easy-growing plants in spots where it’s not so easy to put a pot? We suggest a DIY trick – a rope hanger. Youtube is chock-a-block with macrame tutorials, but don’t despair if you can’t get the hang of the knots. Just your basic knot, interspersed with colourful beads, is enough to create a look-at-me hanger. Put it up in the bathroom, balcony, verandah or even loop one around the curtain rod in your living room. Instant green stress-buster!

Here’s a simple lesson to get you started


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