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TGIF and You Can DIY: Sequin Phrase Tee

Add a little bit of sparkle to your 9-to-5 by donning this sequinned tee. And send out a message while you’re at it too.

What you need: A plain T-shirt, sequin trim (sequins threaded into a lace form), needle and thread, fabric glue, marker

What to do: Choose a cursive handwritten font you like and print the phrase you want (suggestions: awesome, amazing, thankful, growl…the dictionary’s up for the taking, really). Use scissors (or a cutter) to cut out the letters and make a template. Place it on the tee (where you want the phrase to run) and use a marker to trace out the word. Put fabric glue on the left side of the marker outline and set your sequin trim on top of the glue (the whole phrase to be outlined with a row of sequins when you’re through). If you want a double trim, put some fabric glue on the right side and make a U-turn with the sequin trim. Trace your phrase backwards by placing the trim on the glue (make the rows overlap a bit). Once you’re back to the beginning of the word, trim the excess and fold the end sequin under the second-to-last sequin and glue in place. Once dry, run a stitch through every fourth or fifth sequin to secure the trim.

Single trim or double, sparkle on!

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