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TGIF and You Can DIY: Side table

Upcycle an old window frame in style and create a standout side table for any room in your house.

What you need: An old wooden window frame (available at any roadside old-furniture market), primer, paint, sandpaper, mirror

What to do: Clean the old frame – you only need one window frame – thoroughly. Wash it if you must and let dry completely. Nail in four legs (also available easily in furniture markets). Sandpaper properly and then apply a coat of wood primer. After it is dry, apply a coat of paint in the colour you like. If you’re looking for a shabby chic effect, choose a pastel shade of pink, green or blue. Ivory works well too. Apply two coats of paint, letting them dry in between. Once done, sandpaper the paint to get a weathered finish. Get a mirror fitted into the frame at the local glass shop. You have a brand new side table that costs little and looks great! You can use any kind of frame and clear glass for another kind of table.

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