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TGIF and You Can DIY: Tyre Table

Just changed the tyres of your car and wondering what to do with the old ones? Give them a new lease of life by transforming them into a striking table.

Anurita Rathore Jadeja, writer, editor, and a passionate DIYer, tells you how she did it.

“I have always had an inclination for art and craft, and I especially enjoy making things at home, decorative or use-worthy. While making new products with new material is enjoyable, there’s an innate sense of thrill in using something that is unique, nowhere close to what can be imagined. That’s exactly how I set about making my tyre table. My husband, Kuldeep Jadeja, and I had just got all four tyres of my car changed and so those four old tyres were left in the car piled up. Instead of giving them away to the guy who collects junk, it struck me I could paint these used tyres bright black and utilise them somewhere. Since my husband loves vehicles and related accessories, like most men do, I thought of turning these tyres into a table by first painting them black with oil paint, then piling them up on top of each other, and finally getting a glass put at its inner rim,” she says.

“I painted three of the four tyres, piled them up at one corner of the room and got a glass cut to the size that would fit into the tyre rim. It also struck me that I could do the same on the other side of the tyre circumference and perhaps put in some interesting decorative stuff above it so one could view it from top. Once the glasses were cut to fit in there, I placed the lower glass by sliding it in slightly sideways and put some curios in there. Then, placing the other glass above I packed the table all ready for use. A few interesting things on to the glass – a vase, a photo frame, perhaps a decorative coaster, and there it was. My tyre table for my husband was ready and as he says, it is the “best surprise gift” he’s ever received because he thought tyres were only meant for the road!” she says

No surprises that guests who come home to her home and see it are wide-eyed first and then enjoy seeing and asking how she made it!

Since tyres came free, the expense in making the tyre table included oil paint, brush, and the glass. For those who want to keep the tyre table at a place where people would often walk past could also use an adhesive to stick the tyres to each other when piling them one on top of another.

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