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The 16 Top Home Décor Trends for 2016

As we say bye-bye 2015 and ready to say hello to the New Year, here are the top trends to watch out for in 2016:

1. 50 shades of white. This may well be the year of white – ummm, let’s make that a shade of white. If you don’t like Sherwin-Williams’ Alabaster, there are multiple other shades to explore.


2. Entry benches. Indians have long known a fact that Westerners are now waking up to: removing shoes and outerwear in the foyer can prevent toxins from entering the home. Add a bench to facilitate this.


3. Ethnic embroidery and fabrics. Colourful weaving has been part of the fabric of Indian life for thousands of years and it’s time to let these indigenous textiles take centre stage.


4. Textured wallpaper. One-dimensional wallpaper is a thing of the past. Try 3D designs that incorporate a variety of embellishments along with finishes in wood, metal, grasses and leaves.


5. Grellow. Yes, really! Now that greige – a combination of grey and beige – is part of the design lexicon, say hello to grellow. This combination of grey and yellow works well as a neutral.


6. Better bed gear. You have your blackout curtains and high TC bedsheets, but it’s time to invest in better mattresses and pillows. Think memory foam!


7. Fabric as wall art. If you have a piece of fabric you like but don’t know what to do with, frame it. Fabric as wall art is huge and is a trend that’s here to stay.


8. Floor lamps. The tall handsome pedestal-like floor lamp adds a layered nuance to your spaces in the evening. In the day, it’s sculptural.


9. Mixed metals. Time was when you used one metal at a time, be it gold, steel, brass or copper. No more. You can tie metallic sheen together to create metallic bling! And yes, rose gold is still on trend.


10. Pendants. If you love drama, bring home a pendant lamp. The best place to position it remains on top of the dining table.


11. A dedicated home office.Yes, you’re comfortable setting up your laptop on the dining table but no more. With more people working from home, a dedicated home office is a part of modern life.


12. Open kitchens. This trend refuses to go away. With most of us turning into Masterchefs at home, it’s time to open up spaces so that the “heart of the home” spreads the warmth around.


13. Quartz stone countertops. Replace your granite or marble with Silestone or Caesarstone. These countertops offer many options, and are extremely durable, low maintenance and possess antibacterial properties.


14. Indigo’s day out. Indigo is having a moment. This dark shade of blue works well as a restful neutral and an accent colour. Could it replace grey this year?


15. Natural furnishings. Leather, linen, organic cotton and hemp – will be big through the year. These durable materials work with all kinds of décor schemes.


16. Safety first. Home décor will get more tech-savvy in the year ahead. Intrusion alarm systems (wired, wireless or hybrid), biometric fingerprint door locks (that allow you to open the door by pressing the sensor with your fingerprint), and video door phones are here to stay.


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