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The 8 best dog breeds for your small apartment

We all love dogs and want to have one around. A loyal friend who eagerly awaits our return home in the evenings and gives us unconditional love. But we're often stuck do the limitations of our small homes. But it’s a myth that you need a big house to keep a dog as a pet. In fact here are 8 great breeds perfect for small homes and apartments. 

Shih Tzu 

Shih Tzus enjoy long walks and were bred to be friendly lapdogs. They make great companions and tend to be calm, quiet and loyal. A Shih Tzu will bring his cuddliness into any living environment. While they bark on occasion when alarmed by strangers, by and large they're the perfect apartment dog and are loyal to owners, gentle children and other pets.


The Bulldog is usually always shown in movies as the classical lazy dog. Obviously this makes them perfect companions for apartments. They don't require as much activity as their fellow canines and a good short walk keeps them happy. Chances are you're catch them snoozing more often than not. Immensely gentle, they do shed a little but a good brush every now and then solves that problem. 


Made iconic by the Vodafone commercials, they will in fact follow you everywhere. Playful and loyal pets, they form close bonds with their owners and don't like being left alone for too long. They adapt really well to children and other pets and just want to be loved. They rarely bark so combined with their size make for a great choice in every apartment.



Yes they have tiny legs but they're a breed which loves to be active and their tiny legs help them get the exercise indoors. Cute and lively, they will improve your mood with their looks alone. They do tend to be a little stubborn but react better to adults and teens than children. They display affection freely and are also protective of their loved ones. 


Maltese dogs have been popular companions for nearly 2000 years. They need their daily activity fix but will cuddle up on your lap soon after. They're not shedders as they lack an undercoat. That makes them even better for small apartments. They don't like to stay by themselves too much so only go for these if you too prefer staying at home. 


Chihuahuas are always looking to stay warm so I've very surprised not to say too many of these in the Indian heat zones. I predict they will continue to be snuggle addicts in Mumbai as much as Minnesota. These perfect sized apartment dogs are super animated and always game for playing or heading out for a walk. They like being close to their owners and can be wary of strangers so need social supervision. 


A feisty breed full of furry energy. Lightweights and high energy combine for the perfect apartment dog in a lap sized package. They will not expect owners to hang around the house all the time and can be left by themselves for extended periods of time. They need daily walks to work off their energy. They do need to be trained at an early age to work on their barking habits. 


Look at the Pekingese, and you’ll know why the Chinese royalty chose them as their companions for so many years. They require plenty of attention but you're bound to give them all they need and more. They have a tendency to get overweight so regular exercises are a must along with a balanced diet. It's all worth it in the affection they'll return and their intelligence which makes them great pets for the apartment.

So go ahead and grab that furry (or not) companion you've always wanted. Don't let square feet measure your fun.

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