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The Colour of the Festive Season: Marigold Yellow

Did you know yellow is the most widespread colour to be found in flowers? The reason is because yellow can be easily seen by insects that are attracted to the flowers due to their colour and carry pollen to them. To human beings, of course, it is the sheer glory of yellow that makes them prefer this coloured flower over others.

Yellow symbolises pleasure and joy. According to folklore, golden yellow is a symbol of a great future. Golden represents wisdom, illumination and wealth, while light yellow is a sign of freshness and intellect. In Asian and Indian culture yellow is seen as the colour of culture and harmony. The colour is the showpiece of decorations during the festival of Diwali.


It’s no great surprise to find that yellow is the pre-dominant colour seen during Diwali. Other colours can also be seen but it’s yellow – particularly marigold – that takes over.

Ensure that the entrance to your home has a toran of marigold flowers and asopalav leaves. Good luck is sure to come in!


Create a floral carpet – pookalam style – in the patio. It’s the perfect welcoming touch.


Slip marigold flowers into a brass or stone urli and add some floating candles. Simple and pleasing floral arrangement.


String marigold garlands across the home – on mirrors, curtain rods, electronic appliances and even chair backs.


Your pooja thali can’t do without a few marigold flowers. Add some rose petals, too.


Use marigold liberally to create a tablescape for a festive lunch of dinner. Show them off against neutral-hued accessories.


Yellow tableware can be extremely attractive, especially for an informal gathering.


A bright yellow rug can add verve and vibrancy to any room in your home.


Toss some marigold throw pillows on the couch to spread cheer and the feeling of festivity.


A pair of marigold curtains can brighten up any room on the gloomiest of day.


Paint a wall marigold yellow. It’s the perfect accent for the festive season.


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