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The Many Shades of Purple in Home Decor

Are you amongst those few who love the colour purple? The colour purple has, for long, been associated with royalty and the nobility, creating an impression of luxury, wealth and extravagance.

Purple relates to the imagination and spirituality. It stimulates the imagination and inspires high ideals. It is an introspective colour, allowing us to get in touch with our deeper thoughts. Using it in home décor creates a powerful design statement.


You can also use the many variations of purple in home décor to create an unusual look.

Violet differs from purple as it appears in the visible light spectrum, or rainbow, whereas purple is simply a mix of red and blue.


Lavender is a light purple colour with a bluish hue, a light violet colour. It has a fragility, sensitivity and vulnerability to it.


Lilac is a pale muted violet colour with a slightly pinkish hue. It implies immaturity, superficiality and youthfulness. It is extroverted and enthusiastic, inspiring glamour, romance and vanity.


Mauve fits somewhere between lavender and lilac. It helps us to make the best choices and decisions; it is concerned for justice to be done and always does the right thing. On the other hand it can indicate a degree of commonness, the social climber aspiring to higher ideals.


A mystical colour, amethyst opens intuitive channels. It protects the vulnerable and assists the humanitarian. It is the colour of the evolved soul.


Plum is a reddish purple. An old-fashioned colour, plum is honorable and linked to family traditions. It can also be prudish and narrow-minded.


Dark purple is related to higher spiritual attainment. A powerful colour, it can also indicate arrogance and ruthlessness.


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