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The Top 7 Window Treatment Trends for 2016

A window often has a bearing on the design of a room – be it placement of furniture or lighting. And the right window treatment can provide privacy, security, protection from the elements and act as additional insulator.

Make your choice based on factors such as the window’s exposure, outside view, energy efficiency, access, traffic, and handling by children and pets. Layering window treatments can help insulate a space better and lead to energy efficiency. Special linings and treatments that help reduce UV damage are available. Window toppers such as cornices, valances and swags in wood, metal and fabric can prevent heat/cold escaping from the top.

But before you make your choice, do consider the top window fashion trends for 2016:

1. Windows will become the focal points in the design of the living area.


2. Organic materials such as bamboo, hemp and others will be a favourite.


3. Natural colours will also be a trend, and could be offset with bold and dramatic colours like black and navy.


4. Bright and contrasting colours on windows will play a big role in creating a statement for homes.


5. Regular materials apart, leather, silk, suede and velvet – in big doses or small ones – will also be top window treatment choices.


6. Roman blinds will continue to enjoy their moment as they offer privacy and look superlative.


7. Window Fashions magazine editor-in-chief Linda Henry has said that beaded tassels and sparkling crystals will still be preferred elements in the design of window coverings.


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