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Tips before you plan to lighten the bedroom

Tips Before You Plan to Light Up the Bedroom

Tired of coming home to the same old nondescript bedroom? Or want riddance of the decade old décor? Inspire lights, unique color scheme or few perky pieces of interiors and cheer up your mood. Look past the drab room and optimize space using all its unlimited potential. Before the new look takes over, prep up the room for easy transformation. Don’t know what to do? Well here are few handy hints to get your started.

**** the Mess

Even before you think of lightening up your bedroom, a thorough clean-up is vital. Not just under the rug, vacuum the entire room. Whether carpeted or glazy wooden, washing the floor sure gets rid of all pollutants and contamination.

Decide Your Décor

Draft a look for what kind of interiors is best for your space. A bedroom is your escape into a private sanctuary. Amp up the style a notch up with the décor you have long craved for. Surf on the internet or brush through magazine pages, catch a fancy to interests and ideas.

Throw or Treasure

Got a closet full of unwanted items? No more hoarding, give it up. Sort through your belongings and decide what to keep, what to throw. De-cluttering the room opens up spaces and lends a fresh appeal to the space.

Scrap Off Old Décor

Take down all wall decorations, curtains, furniture, and even nails for a clean slate. A blank room clears your perspective for what’s next.

Space Out Area

Take in a visual measure of the bedroom. Go wild with your imagination as you cook up thousand ways to set your room. Assess the areas you want to highlight or tune up.

New Touch

Introduce a bold colour palette, wall decals, get arty or modify old things with splash of creativity. Whatever the theme, brighten up your room with tasteful bedding, lots of lighting, and cosy décor.

Primed and toned, your bedroom awaits infusion of your swanky interiors and redesigning,

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