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Top 10 Celebrity Closets From All Over The World

Top 10 Celebrity Closets From All Over the World

Designing your dream closet is not easy. It involves a great deal of planning and creativity. Here are 10 celebrities who did it right!

Vintage Closet

Olivia Wilde’s walk in closet comprises of a 19th century mirrored vanity set. Designed by Laurie Frank, the closet consists of a cedar-lined closet with translucent panels, a plush rug and a glass chandelier.

The Boudoir Boutique

Fergie’s clothes are colour coded to perfection. To create a closet like hers, install a stylish seat in the centre and add fluffy rugs.

Versailles Inspired Closet

Adorned with stunning marble floors and antique furniture, Mariah Carrey’s closet is flawless in every aspect. To get this closet’s look, redo your floors with marble.

Chic Ideas for The Closet

Jesicca Alba’s closet is just as stylish as her. Draw inspiration from her closet, display and organise your hats or jewellery on your door.

Rustic Redoux

Get Eva Langoria’s Rustic interiors with wooden closet doors and a wooden ladder. Open shelves display her love for shoes.

A Tinge of Bling

To get a Paris Hilton inspired closet, invest in a mirrored chest island. Her ravishing closet consists of a stylish crystal chandelier and a pink rug.

Ultra Glam Room

Christina Aguilera’s flawless closet comprises of a mirrored French Vanity case and French styled curtains. You can include a velvet rug or silk curtains to get this look for your closet.

A Touch of Luxe

Kelly Wearstler’s closet is designed with a golden tinge. The metallic finish of this closet gives it the glam look that even you can achieve for your own closet.

Tropical Paradise

A tropical wallpaper is ideal for a closet filled with vibrant, summery clothes. Inspired by Whitney Port’s closet, you could choose the tropical themed closet.

Glossy in Black

Joe Trohman’s closet has a unique design. Paint your walls black and furnish the room with golden accessories.

It does not matter if your wardrobe is a little short on square inches. Design it perfectly and you are bound to get a closet as flawless as the top 10 celebrity closets.