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Top 5 Colours for a Newlywed Couple’s room

Finally you’ve married and have a room of your own. But starting a new life together and learning to share a room isn’t easy. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and we all know, and their design sensibilities often don’t match.

The one place where you and your partner learn to keep out the tiffs and anger is the bedroom. Your bedroom can reflect your unique identity as a couple and keep that spark and excitement going for a long way.

Choosing the right colour for the bedroom is important so we give you the best choices:

1. Red is the colour of fire and blood. It is associated with joy, sexuality and passion. It is often used to evoke ****** feelings. Use light and dark shades of red in your bedroom to stimulate that sense of excitement and vigour. It’s sure to make your room look ****!

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2. Add a dash of green to create a soothing ambience that invites you to make up after a tiff. Green is the colour of nature and symbolizes growth, harmony and fertility. Use a calming shade of green to ensure a neutral space. Shades such as olive, fern and pear green are lighter shades that let you create a nuanced look.


3. Blue in the bedroom can bring tranquility and calmness. The colour is associated with depth and stability. It is considered to slow down human metabolism and produce a calming effect. Shades such as teal and sapphire add a sense of tranquility and warmth to the room and can increase the lifespan of your bedroom design.


4. Try a variation of mellow yellow, the colour of joy and happiness. It produces a warming effect and arouses cheerfulness. It is considered to stimulate mental activity and generate muscle activity. Shades such as amber, mustard and maize can be used in the form of accessories and can help evoke pleasant and cheerful feelings.


5. Light pastels such as violet, pale blue, aqua beach and corn yellow are not too dominating and add warmth to the bedroom. Avoid using loud and blaring colours such as dark red and shocking pink. If you love them, use them in moderation with furniture and accessories on a neutral base palette.


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