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Top 5 Colours to Add Energy to the Bathroom

Long gone is the old image of the bathroom as a dull and dank room. In today’s world, a bathroom is a style statement and not just a place tucked away in a corner of your house to take a quick shower. Each piece of decor has to be hand-picked and selected. Use colours with gay abandon and transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat!

Sunshine Yellow: The first step to brightening up the bathroom is selecting the right colour. Sunshine yellow may seem to be an unusual choice amid the blues and greens but it works well. To get a restful look, use it with ivory and wood brown. Splitting yellow and a neutral colour in equal measure in the bathroom creates a placid ambience. Add yellow towels and mats – they add the perfect vibrant touch when placed on ivory/beige tiles.


Grey: It may have taken a while to become one of the most fashionable colours in the interior design world, but grey shows no sign of fading away. As only classic grey walls may lead to a dull look at times, use the shade in a combination. Try grey and pink to create a relaxing and lively atmosphere. Coral also creates a super impact with the neutral.


Raspberry: This shade of red will add energy to your bathroom. Start small by opting for accessories in the bright shade – they pop against neutral walls, be it cream, lace, grey or white. Add a dash of silver for a modern look.


Aqua: Blue is a colour for all seasons and all reasons. The favourite colour of every third person in the world, blue is a top choice for the bathroom. Choose from the many available shades – cornflower, sky, teal, navy, light – and create your own sanctuary. Aqua adds a touch of vibrancy and energy, acting as your personal wakeup call.

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Unusual combinations: Combine a shiny colour with a drab one, a bright colour with a pastel one, or a primary colour with a similar hue. The idea is to produce vibrant contrast. Try emerald green and ecru, fuchsia and beige, jade green and dove grey, turquoise and baby pink, bronze and sage green or purple and camel.