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Treasuring Your Memories: The DIY Way

Spectacular DIY Ideas to Treasure Your Memories

Our lives are a collection of our memories, so it is but natural that we want to preserve them! There are myriad unique solutions to en-wrap you memories in posterity! Be it travel souvenirs, keepsakes, hand-me-downs, or plain-and-simple photographs from a trip—we have a natty take on it all! Flip through some simple-yet-attractive ideas to help you treasure your priceless memories for a lifetime!

Memory Jars

Memory Jar








Take a clear jar or bell-bottom vessel, and fill it up with sand! Get whimsical as you place dried leaves, flower, and sea shells on the sand. Throw in prints of your vacations or precious moments with loved ones, and voilà! You just made a style statement! Yes, its that easy!

Memories on the Wall

Housefull Memories

Let your walls speaks of your love for travel, and penchant for adventure! Let your travel souvenirs, pictures, post cards, collectibles, framed arts, and rare pictures describe your journey through Life! This personalised art display also doubles up as an accent wall, and will be an eye-popping element of your decor!

Memory Blocks

Memory Block











You can convert your pictures into a paper weight or a kitchen counter decor, by just pasting precious memories on a wooden block! Laminate them for posterity, or opt for store-printing them directly on an acrylic cube for a chic, stylish edge. Tie a colourful ribbon to give an elegant look, and use as gifts for occasions!
Photo Coasters
Engrave your photographs on coasters to keep reliving unforgettable memories. Laminate them on ceramic coasters for a fashionable appeal, while a quick way is also to paste them with glue on cork-board coasters. Make sure to coat them with plastic (or laminate them, better still!) if you use them with your drinks and coffee. A stylish addition on your coffee table, or embed them on the wall in your foyer to look a class apart!
Quilt Your Memories

A wacky idea for creative bloomers! Organise your photographs and stitch a quilt according to a theme! Choose photographs from occasions like a baby shower, your child’s graduation, or your wedding day, and make them into quilts. They also make for great gifts! Now you can literally let your memories wrap you in warmth!

Take a cue from these DIY ideas, and treasure your most precious moments in absolutely stunning ways!