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Try these Home Decor Updates with Kitchen Supplies

For most of us, the kitchen translates into food, crockery, cutlery, tableware, and many other things. But never design and decoration. Strangely, all kitchens are full of items that can be used to spruce up your home. Here’s how:

•Pretty mismatched glass plates that you seem to have no use for? Get them together and group on a dead wall for a picture-perfect display. Or else, try displaying a collection of silver trays/plates.


•Glass jars and bottles can be put to good use. Get holes cut into them at a glass store and bunch together a few. An electrician can run in a few bulbs and wires, and you have a home-made chandelier that provides stunning mood lighting.


•Old coffee mugs that keep awaiting their turn? Pair them with contrasting plates and set them out on the window sill or on the stairs. A little mud and a few plants, and you have the prettiest herb garden.


•Bring out the wine goblets and create a gorgeous flower display. Set out goblets down the length of a dining table and insert pretty little floral bouquets in each. Intersperse with votives for a night do.


•Tea sets are an anachronism in the modern world, for who has the time to pour out cups of tea? Bring out the tea pot, sugar stand and creamer and use to display flowers or simple strands of green.


•Items from the kitchen tend to provide great storage. Apart from the ubiquitous jars and boxes, bring out a muffin pan to store earrings and an ice tray to put away buttons.


•Forget about buying votives. Raid the kitchen for clear jars and group an assortment on a pretty tray. Stick in white candles and surround with stones/shells sand greenery to create a pretty tableau. Small colanders and graters also make good votives.


•Use coloured glasses or bottles to create a strikingly festive and sophisticated display. Cluster them together in a variety of shapes and colours in a vintage box or pretty tray, and insert votives.


•Raid your child’s art closet and paint the bottom section of your wooden flatware. Put the forks, spoons and spatulas in a clear glass jar to cheer up the kitchen platform.

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•Cake plates and trays are so pretty, they’re ideal for decorating. Apart from using them to show off flowers, use them as elevated soap stands in the bathroom or jewellery stands on the dresser.


•Get out your cupcake liners, cut out into pretty flowers, and attach them to a string of lights. Drape across a painting or the TV set for instant glam.


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