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Turn your Wedding Pictures into Decor

A Special Place for Your Special Memories

Wedding day is all about pretty clothes, happy tears, and a million memories. There are thousands of pictures clicked on that day, with each one of them meaning the world to the bride and the groom. So why discard even a single picture when you can turn it into amazing home decor! Book that special place on your wall for these pictures, pick up any of the following ideas, and get cracking!

The Good Old Bedroom Decor

Choose the best picture from your wedding, get it framed and hang it on the wall opposite to your bed. This is one of the oldest and the most beautiful traditions that almost every couple follows. You will definitely wake up with a smile with this masterpiece right before your eyes! To add a character to the room and enhance the cosiness of the bed, you can also place the picture on the wall that holds the bed headboard.

Turn Your Table into an Album

Everyone has a glass center table in their house. After you get married, turn that table into your own personal album! Get the hard copies of the magical wedding pictures and randomly place them inside the table’s glass. The outline of the table will work as an automatic frame for this album. You can now put this awesome piece of art horizontally or vertically, its up to you!

The Bigger, the Better

Those beautiful candid wedding pictures will literally light up your house! Get these pictures enhanced in size and hang them as shown in the above picture. You will never feel lonely and sad for even a single day of your life if you hang such bright memories in your living area.

Get Your Creative Side Out

A creative wall like the one shown above will effortlessly lift the entire aura of your house. Let your friends and guests know about your love and commitment and enjoy watching them go all mushy and awed! Spread some inspiration!

So now that you have got the hang of how to make your wedding pictures the central element of your home decor, get the hammer and start punching nails in the walls already!