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Warm the Bench

multifunctional, seating, storage

Once upon a time, a bench meant outdoor furniture. It could be “solitary or social, exclusive or inclusive”, and offered unique ways of sitting and interacting with the surrounding environment, and.

Evolving lifestyles have brought the bench indoors and made it a part of modern life. These days, benches are “ergonomic” and allow for “multiple functions, like stretching, playing, and lounging”. They are typically made of wood, but may also be made of metal, stone, or synthetic materials. New technology, such as 3D modeling and fabrication, has allowed them to be more comfortable and inherently flexible, creating “changeable forms” for a “new sense of community.”

Available in a variety of styles, classic to modern, benches differ in function. Some of them are only for seating; others create an impact; while a few club seating and storage.

Where can you use them? Benches are suitable for application across the home. One with storage can keep the entryway clutter-free and provide a place to sit as you pull on your shows. Another in the living room or lounge can help squirrel away extra linen. Put one at the foot of a bed to catch extra blankets and pillows, or plunk your clothes for the next day. In the living room, a bench can provide casual moveable seating, while a hard-top one can double up as a display surface at times. When not needed for seating, a storage bench can also be plunked in front of the sofa and used as an unusual coffee table.


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If you’re not looking for storage, try an upholstered bench to make a statement. Be it skirted, tufted, backless or with arms, such a bench can create an appealing nook. A hard-top is also a stylish option in the dining area. A clean streamlined bench complements modern or industrial looks, while intricately crafted styles work the traditional look.

Get a bench home today. It’s a versatile and multifunctional piece of furniture that’ll last you for years to come!


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