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Which of these 9 work-from-home personalities are you?

The future of the workplace is at home. A large number of companies across the world have woken up to this, allowing employees the work-from-home option. 

But is your home office set up to boost productivity and ensure that you make deadline? Figure out which kind of work-from-home personality you are and get started:


You maintain an Excel sheet for ongoing projects, you make to-do lists every morning and evening and you love to tick off things that are done. But naturally, your home office must be planned and detailed out to the last tack pin!

What you need A clutter-free straight desk, an ergonomic chair and a soft board to pin memos to yourself


Sure you work from home but that doesn’t mean your home office has to be run of the mill! Just like you, your home work environment has to have a certain look; the elements will simply have to work their way in. 

What you need Attractive prints, bright furniture and look-at-me accents.


The 9-to-5 routine is so not for you. No wonder you choose to work at your time and in your space. Your home office reflects this imaginative streak. Be it movie posters or funky travel mugs, it’s bound to be original. 

What you need A plant on your desk, photos and souvenirs and plenty of notepads for when inspiration strikes


Like Dr Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, you believe you’re the best. The Nobel may be just around the corner and you prepare for it by working in a home office that lets you get your geek on!

What you need Modern art and bright colours on the walls and all possible gadgets around you 


Oh God, how did you ever work in an office? You like everything just so because you said so and beware if anyone shifts a thing. Your desk is always neat and today, with a place for everything and everything in its place. 

What you need A glass-topped table, a chest of drawers and plenty of files and folders


You have the gift of the gab and you have no problems in using it to work your way up the corporate ladder. You meet, network, interact and make new connections – all in the comfort of your home office! 

What you need A large table, a land line phone, a coffee table with a couple of chairs for visitors


You just can’t seem to get down to work unless there’s a deadline pressing down on your shoulder. But after that, you can stay up the entire night to make sure you meet it. And no, your work quality doesn’t suffer!

What you need A settee for a snooze, a shelving system to keep your paperwork organised and a couple of coffee mugs


So much work, so little time but you’re sure that you’ll get to it tomorrow. You keep pushing off work till you possibly can till you land in a deadline mess. You can emerge unscathed only if you’re as good a worker as the deadline lover! 

What you need A large clock, a white board and a chair-and-a-half to get some work done while procrastinating

Get home the things that your work-from-home personality needs and you’ll see the difference it makes in your output!

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