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Baaya Four Petal Blue Pottery Coasters (Set of 6)

by Baaya

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6 Coasters

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  • Material - Blue Pottery
  • Color/Finish - Blue
  • Dimension - See Below
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DCSO8BMRDARKBLUE Four Petal Blue Pottery Coasters (Set of 6)

This floral motif set of 6 coasters and a holder is charming addition to serving your guests. Jaipur blue pottery is unique and therefore of great interest in the past and even today. It is very popular in the national and international market. Since blue is the dominant color, it is known as blue pottery, however various other colours like yellow, green, maroon and black is also used. Jaipur pottery is not made of clay but of ground feldspar (burbura) mixed with gum or starch. It is made by hand and not on the potter’s wheel and is locally known as 'kamchini'. The art appears to have originated in Delhi under one chief artist, named Bhola. It seems probable that its production arose from a desire to compete with imported jars, known as 'martabans', which came to Delhi all the way from Burma. Jaipur school of blue pottery attained its reputation and popularity through the use of two shades of Blue Cobalt and Turquoise on opaque White.

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